We provide the full suite of services needed to ensure the success of your ICO

Our comprehensive approach consists of five core components:


  • In depth review and analysis of your project
  • Joint development of a Roadmap and business processes
  • Token valuation modelling
  • Your White Paper’s technical, legal and financial sections In English and Russian
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  • Creation and distribution of tokens
  • ICO website landing page, hosting and admin
  • KYC police implementation
  • Token customization
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  • Development of regulatory, fiscal and corporate essential legal documents
  • Legal services relating to company creation and operations (token emission)
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  • Project financial performance forecasting and analytics
  • Monetization and financial modelling
  • Token emission structuring
  • Identification of key messages for investors
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  • Marketing communications strategy planning
  • Developing materials to support the transaction
  • Assisting in participation in events (own and third party)
  • Advertising materials and media planning
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Our Team

The KEYICO team offers a unique mix of experience, professionalism and creativity
Every team member has years of relevant transaction experience
We are committed to ensuring your success!

Tom Blackwell

Public Relations

• Over 15 years of experience in PR support for companies in Russia.
• Rendered advisory services to more IPO of Russian companies than any other specialists in the area of PR support in the market (from Raspadskaya Coal Mining Company in 2006 to Mother and Child in 2012, etc.)
• Experience in M&A of high level in Russia, including Pepsi and Lebedyansky, Enel and OGK-5, etc.
• Vast experience in crisis PR.

Fluent in Russian. Native language is English.

Education: Durham University (BA), University of Bradford (MA)

Pavel Sukhachev

Blockchain & IT expert

Launched a number of successful projects in the real sector
• Created one of the biggest independent Apple resellers in Russia with annual turnover of $25 mln.
• Joint owner of a major digital currency mining technopark in Moscow Region.
• Founder and CEO of blockchain SAVL project. ICO launched in October 2017.
• Worked on BioСoin (in LAVKALAVKA project).
Education: Institute of Management.

Nikolay Tsagolov


• Senior Vice President of Rosbank.
• Executive Manager of BTA Bank in Moscow (the biggest bank of Kasakhstan).
• Managing Director, Founder and Head of Coprporate Finances Department at URSA Capital (with assets of $800 mln.).
• Managing Partner of N1 Capital investment company (Moscow).
Education: Executive MBA, Skolkovo, postgraduate traning program at Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship for Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Ecole Superieure de Gestion et Finance, Institut Universitaire Professionnel de Management

Nikita Yadov

Finance & Investment

Experience in the area of finances, M&A deals and strategic planning for over 10 years, including metallurgic company 'Rusal', Russian investment Gazprom Bank, e-commerce & IT startups [$5 mln of attracted investments], Sapinda (European private equity foundation with over $2 bln assets), Sistema JSFC M&A section (Russia’s largest investment company). Expert in retail, gold-mining, oil & gas sector, farmacy.

Three reasons to hire KEYICO:

They trust us

White Paper & Roadmap


  • KEYICO’s specialists study your project
  • Development of business processes and defining of the value of token under the project.
  • We develop the Roadmap of the project together with you.
  • We make the White Paper (for technical, legal and financial investment parts) in Russian and English.

Time: 10 working days

Technical Support

Detailed description

Creating a token

1. Picking a blockchain to digitalize assets. The analysis of blockchains will depend on:

  • blockchain change rules; opportunities of blockchain change rules, transaction reversibility, deleting of transaction chain, etc.;
  • the percentage of identified validators to prevent Chinese mining communities’ callusions;
  • optimal transaction price for crowd-sale;
  • sufficient number of connected nods to provide minimal delay in transaction;
  • transaction privacy;

2. Choosing one or several variants of smart contracts for tokens emission.

  • Choosing a variant of smart contract used for crowd-sale is defined by the financial model of ICO and tokens emission processes.
Token distribution

1. Choosing one or several variants of distribution. Depending on distribution type (private presale, pre ICO, ICO, SCO) we will define the variant of token converting. We will conduct one or several stages of distribution.

2. Distribution of tokens according to emission rules. We will distribute the emmited tokens in accordance with the defined emissions model. For example, some tokens will go through crowd-sale, some tokens will remain in the reserve fund, some tokens will be allocated to be distributed for stimulation of joining the system, other tokens will cover the crowd-sale expenses.

Result: The emitted token in accordance with the analysis of blockchain and audited smart contract. Conducting distribution in accordance with the rules defined in the distribution model.

Hosting and administration

1. Providing / building on the customer’s infrastructure of a cluster software solution to implement crowd sale.

2. Providing the administrative access to the customer to control the crowd sale platform.

3. Providing fail-proof work of the crowd sale platform at high loading (heavy traffic).

4. Customization of personal account of the investor and the emitter in accordance with the corporate identity guidelines of the customer.

5. Providing relevant information and assisting in troubleshooting.

6. Providing protection from DDoS

7. Distribution of website contents via CDN.

8. Providing a multi-level security system, analogical to Forex stock exchanges.

Result: crowd sale-ready system, prepared for fail-proof work at high loads and resistant to multiple attacks of various severity.
Landing page for ICO

Our designers provide elegant and easy-to-navigate landing page solutions for ICO. This allows to retain the interest of potential investors.

Result: Landing page for crowd sale created by professional web-designer in accordance with the brandbook of the customer.

KYC police implementation

Some countries regulate digital currencies to prevent cybercrimes. For such countries, the emitting companies are obliged to implement the Know Your Client policy (KYC).

Our platform provides a customized KYC procedure.

During this procedure the investors are asked to upload their documents (photographs, IDs, etc.) to prove their identity.

Result: Provision of carrying out of the regulator’s requirements as applied to the token emitters.

Token customization

Various methods (that are not included in a typical smart contract) for various conditions of use of tokens are implemented.

We are offering to customize each smart contract according to the needs of the customer. For safety’s sake, it is recommended to undergo the necessary auditing procedure in one of societies of foundations

Financial Services

Financial analysis of the project, the price of attraction of investors, etc.

Stages of work*


  • Express analysis of financial performance of the project.
  • Monetization model design and corrections.
  • Financial modelling (defining a long-term forecast of business development).
  • Investment amount calculation and financing forms selection.
  • Capital structure optimization recommendations for the forecast period.
  • Recommendations for token type selection and structuring and profit distribution among investors
  • Business assessment (evaluation) and the dynamics of changes in business assessment

Terms: 7-21 working days


  • Token emmission structuring.
  • Token conversion ratio in rounds, and diffusion assessment.
  • Assessment of token profitability for potential investors.

Terms: 7-10 working days


  • Investment points definition for potential investors.
  • Structuring of relations between stockholders (optional)

Terms and prices will depend on the type of the required works and shall be agreed with the KEYICO client additionally
*Terms and prices of financial support are defined after the Preparatory Level.

PR & Marketing Support*

Working onf the brand awareness and creating an attractive image for potential investors

Development of overall communication strategy and investment history to provide the effective work of communication channel with the investors.

Development of supporting materials for transactions (white papers, teasers, presentations, website contents, press releases, etc.) – structuring, copyrighting, editing (English, Russian and Chinese).

Advertising and relations with relevant mass media and opinion leaders in cryptocurrency.

Assistance in participation in relevant conferences organized by third parties, preparation of presentation materials, speaker’ notes, etc.

Support and follow-up of public groups in social networks (Facebook Twitter, etc.): creating and effective distribution of contents.

*In this offer the KEYICO's bonus fee is not included (it will be calculated in accordance with the results of the ICO of your project. This part is negotiated additionally.

KEYICO’s modern business model allows us to work with you
in the way that best suits your business and objectives*


Pay a fixed-price for the whole project.


Control your expenses in the ‘Fixed-Price + middle package’ the share of the market value of your ICO.


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